Every hotelier knows that the marketplace is crowded and infused with a lot of competition, therefore getting your hotel to excite your potential guests or make your old guests to keep booking can be a bit of a challenge. While other hotels are exploring options like online travel agencies (OTA) advertising cheap rates, and offering unusual accommodation plans like Airbnb to get their guests to keep booking. The possibility of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%, while the possibility of selling to a potential customer is 5-20%. This shows that you don’t have to rely only on new customers for your hotel’s revenue as the prospects are low, however you have to build brand loyalty with your old customers. Customer retention is key. So how do you get your hotel guests to keep coming without having to lash your prices?



  • FOOD


People connect to food, it’s that simple. A lot of travellers or hotel guests complain about how bad hotel meals are, though these meals are pretty expensive. Customers want value in return for the money they are spending. Also, it’s not uncommon to have hotel guests leave their hotel rooms to eat out at another restaurant or fast food, because of the low quality of hotel meals being served. What does that do for your hotel? Absolutely nothing besides, losing money for cooked meals nobody gets to eat on a regular.


Travellers are now choosing hotels exclusively for their food. Employ more competent cooks, make your meals a bit more interesting. Switch things up, for the business traveller or travel bloggers who have to stay up to work and would likely be hungry by 2am, there should be an option which enables meals to be served in the early hours of the morning. Provide cooking classes in the hotel’s restaurant for families and adults. Connect to your guests with your food menu.



Everyone loves free Wi-Fi. Free Wi-Fi is a necessity for your guests. A survey by J.D. Power discovered that, along with breakfast and parking, free Wi-Fi is one of the most essential amenities for travelers. Provide your hotel guests with free accessible Wi-Fi and they will keep booking. There’s a constant need to be online, to work with the internet, and having Wi-Fi should be an integral part of your hotel. You can add a sticker with the Wi-Fi password to your guests room keys/cards or you can create a reserved space “internet area” near the reception to plug in laptops or to use a computer provided by you. This screams convenience to your guests, and that you are concerned about providing them with a pleasure filled stay at your hotel.





Customer service is important.  Your guests want to be known by their name, they want to feel that they are important to you and your hotel. When thinking of ways to provide exceptional guest experience, you need to also personalize each experience to individual guests. You can add offers which you think each customer would be interested in when booking. These add-ons could include, your hotel partnering with local attractions, restaurants and tours around the city. Personalizing your hotel services lets you have an emotional connection to your guests through their individual interests. This is also a great way to engage your guests and an engaged guest is less price sensitive.





We live in a world of smartphones and mobile apps, everything is done on the go. If we need to find the nearest restaurant, hotel, travel agency or city attractions, we look for these answers through our smartphones and mobile apps, it makes our lives a lot easier. Your guests do not have the time or patience to stand in line for 15 minutes just to book for a hotel room. They want to be able to book for a hotel conveniently and also check in or check out through your mobile app.


With 52% of all travel consumers using mobile devices exclusively to conduct all online travel research. There’s a need for your app to be more user friendly, so it doesn’t leave your customer more confused than they were.


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