Ideas On How To Make Your Hotel More Visible Online

When a potential travel customer goes on a business or pleasure trip to a new city. They would definitely need to find the nearest restaurant, a breakfast café or even a hotel to stay in. They would probably Google, right? They would search your local area for hotels to stay in on Google and if your hotel doesn’t pop up on the search results, you automatically lose a potential guest, even ifou have the most awesome hotel services. Around the globe, tourists use Google to search for tourist destinations and hotels where they can stay. And if your hotel isn’t visible on Google search engines but your competitors are, you get to lose a lot of potential guests which would have generated profit. Here’s how you can change that:

Get A User-friendly Website

A must-have for any hotel is a user-friendly website with a booking engine to manage your guests’ bookings and reservation online. It should show your property, facilities, rooms, rates, and services so people can learn more about your hotel. Links on your website should open correctly and the home page to the booking page should load quickly.

Increase the possibility of your hotel ranking higher by adding external links in order to cross market with restaurants, museums, shops, and all the attractions in your city. Also add widgets so people can easily share your page or articles across social media.Update your contact information on your website and social media too.

Consistent Content
Start up a travel blog within your website where your target audience can read compelling interesting articles. Your guests and target customers are constantly looking for content that provides travel inspiration or cool travel destinations. Creating a content marketing strategy that aids your guests go through the stress or process of planning their travels is a highly effective way to increase your hotel’s visibility online and also inspire guests to book a stay. You should always provide regular and consistent travel content on your blog, because consistency is key. You can write on content like a list of local events happening near you, shooting videos that show local attractions, using social media to pinpoint cool places to eat locally and collaborating with local hot spots to run cross promotions. Do you want ideas on how to manage content for your hotel’s blog? Check out

Email Newsletter
Everyone loves keeping in touch and getting feedback. Have you ever thought about getting in touch with travelers or guests who have stayed at your hotel in the last year? You could send them news on hotel trends or about your hotel’s growth, promotions, blog links to your travel articles or invite them to write a review with a friendly newsletter. Mailchimp, is one of the most straightforward and accessible mass mailing tool. It is a newsletter provider that reduces the process to a couple of clicks, plus amazing insights. Communicate with your customers and guests effectively, it builds loyalty and encourages them to keep clicking the “booking” button. Now wouldn’t you love that?

Incorporate SEO
When people search for information on Google or Bing, they using specific keywords. Have you tried to google your hotel and found the webpage listed below your competition? Search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing shows the results according to specific guidelines and algorithms. You can make your website more easier to find for the billions of people using search engines on a daily, through exploring SEO (Search Engine Optimization) effectively. By using SEO strategies on your hotel’s website, you increase your traffic, and improve your online visibility. You can apthis key strategygies like keyword and meta tag optimization, image tagging, content optimization, inbound link building, and social media diffusion.

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