Vacation time is always a good time!So we hear you are making travel plans and you are in quite a dilemma, don’t ask us how we know, we are your travel genies and we are aware of things like this. The reports reaching us say you are stuck between staying with your cousins who live in town and staying at a hotel. We are here to ease your decision making.

Your bags are packed, and you are leaving town, you have booked your tickets and yet one significant detail is yet to be settled. Sometimes we are faced with the options of lodging with either family or friends or staying at a hotel. It might be a little confusing.  So we set up a little guide that will help you decide on your choice of accommodation.


The full 5 star treatment or nah…?

Picky traveler? Do you love luxurious accommodation? A hotel is an ideal option for you. Hotels are built to cater to the whims and demands of guests, you might not receive such treatment from your family or friends who are hosting, they probably go to work during the day, and unless your friend lives in a massive 12 bedrooms fully serviced castle, you might want to reconsider lodging with them.

What is a couch…when you are having fun!


However, if local watering holes are your thing, you have a soft spot for out of the way destinations, and you are dying to try out the finest local cuisines, you should stay with your family and friends. They are resident locals; they are more likely to take you to the extraordinary places which you know are often not listed in the pages of a tour guide brochure.

Street food vendors offer a great way to experience the culture.


Also, we have different expectations for our vacation. Sometimes, it is a time designated for personal retreat and soul searching. At other times, we want to have fun, enjoy the company of the people around us and create great moments. If the former is the goal for your vacation, please take a rain check on lodging with your friend, it is almost impossible to have a private moment in shared accommodations. Your friend has probably not seen you in a while, they want to catch up, and this would ruin your planned meditation and soul searching, as escaping their well-meaning presence might be quite the hurdle. However, if you are up for great pictures, laughter, fun and unforgettable memories, the more, the merrier. Your friend’s offer is the one you should take, remember the more, the merrier. Merriment loves company (pun intended).


If you are vacationing on a budget, staying with your friend is a cheaper option they would most likely feed you for free too! Win win right? And you can spend all your money on tourist paraphernalia without holding back. But you would be missing out on the myriads of extensive services offered by hotels…think spas, free Wifi, swimming pool and so on.


You should also consider your traveling companions if you have any. Staying with friends is convenient when you are traveling solo and unless your friend still has ownership of the 12 bedrooms fully serviced castle, it might best for you to lodge in a hotel if you are traveling with other people, especially if they are children.


In all, wherever you chose to stay, it doesn’t matter, as long as you are happy and have fun, we are happy. Enjoy your vacation.

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